Selling In Fiji

November 8, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ buy and sell

If you’re looking to make money in Fiji islands then selling on could be the answer you’re looking for. There’s money to be made by becoming part of the seller community.

Start Selling

Step 1

Create an account with us, its free and takes only few minutes to setup. Once you have created your account you will be able to buy, sell, track your listings, contact other sellers and buyers and much more.

When creating an account make sure to choose a good username as this is how you will be known in the community. Pick something that its short, simple and memorable.


Step 2

Find items to sell in and around your house, most of us will something that we don’t use or no longer need, this can be anything ranging from shoes to tv’s. No matter what you got there are people looking to buy it so gather as many items as you can and start selling to make extra money. The other option is buying items locally for cheap and selling it online for a profit, its simple and lots of people are doing it in Fiji and in overseas and making a good living out it.


Step 3

Choosing the best listing package. To start off choose the free listing options and get the feel of how it works without any cost, this will help you in getting the best returns out of your items. The free listing option allows you list any item on our site for free, there is no hidden cost or fees. To start of with list something small and get used to how the site works before moving to big items.

Step 4

Listing an item online. When listing an item online there are few things you need to keep in mind to get the best results and get your items sold. These are very simple but crucial tips that will help you in selling items in Fiji Islands.

Step 4.1

Title : A good title is important, it should be small and describe what you selling in few words ie ” 50 inch led tv for sale in Suva “. The title should summarize you listing in few words and must be eye catching to viewers to get them to view it. The more views you get the better chances of finding a buyer.

Step 4.2

Description : This is your place to describe your item as best as you can, make sure to cover the condition, size and the benefits etc. Consider this your selling pitch to the buyers; tell them why they should buy your item. The more information you put in here the better it is but make sure the item description is correct and not misleading.

Step 4.3

Keywords : These are the main words to describe your items i.e ” 50 inch TV ” , “Led TV “, “TV for Sale “,” LED TV for Sale ” etc

Step 4.4

Listing Category : This is also one of the most important things to consider when listing your items online. When choosing a category make sure find the best category to suit your item as this will increase the chances of your item begin found when a buyer uses the advanced search to find what he/she is looking for. i.e TV listing should go under electronics and in Television section. (we are constantly adding new categories depending on user feedback and listing pasterns)  

Step 4.5

Adding photos : Most Important of all is the photos, its a saying that “pictures are worth 1000 words”  in this case its true. A good picture will help you sell your items faster and will get better price then items without photos. Take good photos and upload it to the listings, its easy and fast and will increase your chances of selling your items.

Step 4.6

Listing Details : This is crucial when listing your items, here you will be able to set your prices, location shipping and much more. Once you have filled all the details just click on save listings and your all done. You are on your way to make money in Fiji Islands

Step 5

Your Listings : Your listing will start straight away and will be live to all our users, they will be able to view your items and contact you. Most of the listings will last for 30 days depending on your listing packages. You will be able to view your listings under MY Account – My Listings section.

Step 5.1

Promote your items : Make sure to promote your listing through build in share button, this allows you to share any listing with your friends and family. if you want to get the best price possible then sharing your listing is the way to go.

Step 5.2

Direct Contact : Buyers will be able to contact you though our built  in messaging system (You can check your messages in MY Accounts – My Messages section ). you will be also notified by email when you receive a message.

Step 6

Relist : If your items did not sell within the 30 days then not to worry, just relist it and your set to sell again


Make money in Fiji by buying stuff cheap and selling it for profit. Its easy and simple try it today!